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Ordering with WhatsApp can help to overcome any new sanitary frictions. No need to browse through lengthy and outdated catalogs. No need to worry about special coupon codes.

WhatsApp Order

Customer can send order from anywhere on your WhatsApp, complete chat and finalize order.

Happy customer

Provide a simple way for people to receive direct support for your products and services via WhatsApp.

Multiple language

Perfect for all retail owners, supporting multiple languages and you can choose your desire language.

Recurring Payment

Earn money by charging One time, Recurring or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans.


Configure and generate proper invoices, displaying potential discount codes and applied taxes for your users.

Dedicated Support

Need any support feel free to contact us.


Membership Plan


3,999.00 ₹/ Yearly
Features of Gold
  • 30 Menu Categories
  • 300 Menu Items Per Category
  • Unlimited Scans Per Month
  • Allow stores to accept orders
  • Custom Domain
  • Android APP
  • Whatsapp Ordering
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